Jungpana Exotic Summer Muscatel Black Tea

S$ 36.61
100 g | 40 cups

Jungpana Special Summer Chinary Black Tea

S$ 37.95
100 g | 40 cups

Jungpana Exotic Spring Clonal Black Tea

S$ 28.48
50 g | 20 cups

Jungpana Special Spring Black Tea

S$ 28.49
100 g | 40 cups

Jungpana Classic Spring Black Tea

S$ 40.67
100 g | 40 cups

Jungpana Classic Autumn Black Tea

S$ 22.49
100 g | 40 cups

Jungpana tea estate is one of the premier estates of Darjeeling. Nestled among high Himalayan ridges that range anywhere between 3,000 to 4,500 ft. above sea level, Jungpana tea estate is surrounded by dense pine forest towards the north and mountain streams that skirt the southern part of the plantation region. The estate is almost impregnable and has been dubbed as “an island in the mountains.” Jungpana tea estate boasts a unique micro climate and alluvial soil rich in essential mineral content that sustains growth of unique, aromatic and smoothly succulent tea throughout the year, particularly during the second flush.